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Our Practice


A free medical, dental, vision, mental health, women's health and chiropractic clinic operating on the grounds of the Auburn Seventh-day Adventist church. Offering basic health services to the under-insured, non-insured, marginalized and un-sheltered residents in Placer County and the greater Northern California territories. 

Who Are We ?


Sutter Auburn Faith Medical Center​

11815 Education St. 

Auburn, CA 95602

(530) 888-4500

Chapa-De Indian Health

11670 Atwood Rd. 

Auburn, CA 95603


Adventist Community Services

12225 Rock Creek Rd. 

Auburn, CA 95602

(530) 823-0345

Mondays from 9 am-Noon for the Homeless/Un-sheltered. Providing access to our computer resource center. food, hot showers, shoes and clothes. 

Tuesdays from 9 am-Noon for Individuals & Families seeking food, clothing, fresh produce from the community garden and access to our computer resource center.


Looking for a place to worship? Join us Saturday mornings at the church at 11:15 am for inspiring music and a message of hope. Visit us online at for more info about us. 

Our Mission


We see each person as a whole and unique individual. We enthusiastically endeavor to minister to the physical, mental, sociological and spiritual well-being of each of those who pass through our doors.

"When you did it for one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to Me." -Matthew 25:40

The ARC is Born - Our Story

In 2010 one of our church members, Dr. VanAuken, who had recently retired from Placer County as one of their long time Psychiatrists, came to us and suggested that we consider monitoring the Psych medications that many of our unsheltered men and women were taking. It was determined that often these medications were being taken incorrectly, in conjunction with other drugs or simply not at all. Dr. "V" felt moved to step in and take that new ministry on. He asked us to find him a "space" to work and suggested a simple10ft x 10ft private area which we set out to find. God had bigger ideas for us and several months later we became the recipients of 6 modular buildings which we spent the next 2 years moving, gutting and retrofitting. Dr. "V" finally had his office and became the first volunteer provider here at what would soon become known as the Auburn Renewal Center, or A.R.C. From that point on we immediately started seeing how God had plans for the rest of the new space.

It was shortly after we began remodeling the buildings that Dr. Hanson, a local optometrist, came to us and suggested that we outfit part of the buildings with a vision lab. He called his equipment supplier and within weeks we found ourselves with a full blown optometry department. Then came a call from a medical clinic in Sacramento which was closing it's doors offering us all their computers, supplies and medical equipment. Weeks later Dr. Powell, a retired local dentist, came into our lives and convinced us to use part of the space we still had remaining for dental services. The last part of the puzzle came together when Dr. Crill came to us and suggested we set aside a portion where he might provide chiropractic services.  All these people, and many more, stated they were willing to commit their time, resources and talents to move the clinic forward. The stage was set.

In 2012 the doors were opened and after 12 years we have seen over 25,000 patients and enjoy amazing partnerships with dozens of outside resources and supporters. What has happened here is remarkable, one would say even miraculous. Hundreds of volunteers have shared time helping others less fortunate. We invite you to come and see for yourselves what God has put together. It truly is amazing!


We have launched a new campaign to be open more days each month for services. This entails two important components. First, we need more volunteer providers and staff and, secondly, we will need to find new sources of funding to cover the additional expenditures. 


If you are looking for a way to help us grow please consider becoming an A.R.C. Angel. We rely solely on donations from our patients, community partners, volunteers and grants. Contact us for more information. 

Check out this video made recently about the ARC and how it's impacting lives in the community.

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